a yumbud is a spiritual creature born from an energetic chain reaction when you eat something yummy…

what happens?

When you eat or drink something yummy like coffee, your taste buds send pink energetic signals to your brain that say: “Hey! Brain! Coffee is touching us!!!”

Your brain responds and sends blue energetic signals back to your taste buds which makes them start to vibrate and buzz with joy.

Your brain also tells your heart that you’re eating something yummy, and your heart then sends its own red, love-infused energy to your taste buds.

The magic begins….

magic energy?

As your taste buds are buzzing with pleasure from your brain’s blue energy, they are hit with your heart’s red energy. When the blue and red energy touch, they form magic purple energy. This magic energy makes all your taste buds vibrate in unison, at the same frequency. Suddenly, they start doing something

very special:

all for 1, one 4 all!

They channel all their purple energy into a single taste bud. Let’s call him Yumbo. As they’re channeling their energy into him, Yumbo’s cells become filled with it until it starts oozing out of his body! If they can keep channeling energy into him long enough, the extra energy will form a purple force field around his body.

Now the moment of truth.


As the taste buds continue to channel their energy into Yumbo, the purple force field around him begins to rise up, separating itself from him. Once it’s completely separated, it must maintain its own shape for 7 seconds. It it does, then it becomes a living, conscious, spiritual being known as a yumbud. Congrats! You’ve just witnessed a yumbirth!
(Aka yumbagenesis).